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Within the Agency the Retrofit Officer overseeing and coordinating all activities associated with Final Lifetime Extension Programme (FLEP) Production and Retrofit (PAR) execution, initially at NAPMA, Brunssum, the Netherlands and ,at an appropriate time, transitioning to be the onsite NAPMA PAR Project Lead at the Cassidian facilities in Manching, Germany.  


The Retrofit Officer is responsible to Senior System Engineer (PMI01) for the following duties:

  •  Managing, overseeing and coordinating all activities associated with Final Lifetime Extension Programme (FLEP) N-1 Modification and Production and Retrofit (PAR) execution, initially at NAPMA, Brunssum and at an appropriate time, transitioning to be the on-site NAPMA PAR Project Lead at the Cassidian facilities in Manching, Germany.
  •  Providing guidance and direction to the on-site NAPMA representatives for all N-1 demodification and modification activities at Tessera, Italy.
  •  Participating in N-1 modification activities at Tessera, Italy as required.
  •  Coordinating with NAPMA / NAEW&C Force Command (FC) / NATO E-3A Component/ NATO Support Programme Agency (NSPA) to ensure contractually required NATO Furnished Property for PAR is provided to the Contractor.
  •  Representing NAPMA at Contractor PAR meetings and providing a weekly report summarizing retrofit activities to NAPMA, NAEW&C FC and NE-3A Component.
  •  Providing close control and early insight into schedule status and changes.
  •  Planning, scheduling, and coordinating Retrofit acceptance activities with NATO and Contractor representatives, including availability of test personnel and resources.
  •  Participating as a NAPMA Representative in all test and acceptance activities.
  •  Providing “quick-look” assessments and formal reports on non-conformance issues, waivers or Engineering Support Tasks raised by the contractor.
  •  Providing assessments and formal reports of ground, flight, and acceptance tests.
  •  Providing test assessments and certification of systems’ acceptability to NATO Quality Assurance organisations to support the signing of Conformance / Acceptance Certificates.
  •  Participating in FLEP Configuration Control Boards and Risk Boards as required.
  •  Coordinating the final acceptance of the aircraft with users and other NATO agencies.
  •  Maintaining day-to-day oversight and coordination of the on-site NATO Retrofit Team.
  •  Participating in all System Engineering and Integration (SEIT) Integrated Product Team (IPT) meetings and telecoms. 



The incumbent may be required to perform other related duties as directed.



Bachelor’s degree in business / engineering or scientific field and 5 years’ related experience in acquisition or project management; At least 5 years’ experience in integration of aircraft Command and Control or Battle Management systems. Must be fluent in one of the two NATO Official languages; some knowledge of the other is desirable. However, the work in NAPMA, both oral and written, is conducted in English.


Master’s degree in a related field; Interdisciplinary experience in aircraft structures and project management. Experience in multi-national acquisition and contract management; Working-level experience with NAPMA, NAEW&C FC and NE-3A Component; Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or equivalent.



All NAPMA personnel are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the current NATO Code of Conduct agreed by the North Atlantic Council, and thus display the core values of integrity, impartiality, loyalty, accountability and professionalism.


The incumbent must demonstrate:

  •  Analytical Thinking: Sees multiple relationships;
  •  Clarity and Accuracy: Monitors data or projects;
  •  Flexibility: Adapts to unforeseen situations;
  •  Impact and Influence: Takes multiple actions to persuade;
  •  Initiative: Plans and acts up to a year ahead;
  •  Organizational Awareness: Understands organizational climates and culture;
  •  Self-Control: Responds calmly;
  •  Conceptual Thinking: Applies learned concepts;
  •  Empathy: To be open to others’ perspectives.  


Any candidate should be in possession of a valid NATO Secret (NS) security clearance when taking up the position.



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