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The Executive Officer (XO) is responsible to the General Manager (GM) for the direct support of the latter’s functions and responsibilities for managing the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. The primary focus of the XO is to support the leadership and management activities of the GM. Furthermore, the XO ensures the proper planning, coordination and preparation of future managerial activities of the GM. The incumbent maintains a close working relationship with all Executive Management Board (EMB) members, as well as all those reporting directly to the GM, to ensure commonality of purpose across the Agency based on the GM's intent. The XO also maintains a close working relationship with the Corporate Communications Office to ensure strategic messaging to both internal and external stakeholders is consistent with GM direction. In addition, the XO also keeps a close working relationship with the NSPA Staff Committee Spokesperson. The incumbent is further responsible for leading the General Manager's Office and staff, and overseeing the front office executive support functions to create and maintain a high performing team. More precisely, the XO is responsible for performing the following functions:

  •  Offering professional and coherent recommendations to the GM on all matters related to Agency operations, policy and resources.
  •  Coordinating execution of the GM Schedule including calendar preparations and follow-up monitoring of actions.
  •  Initiating the preparation of all visits made by the GM, liaising with the organising nation, ensuring all preparatory materials are of sufficient quality and performing follow-up actions.
  •  Directing and ensuring the smooth operation of the GM's Office.
  •  Preparing and/or reviewing GM's correspondence and supporting documents.
  •  Screening mail/e-mail and proposing taskings prior to submitting to the GM those items requiring attention.
  •  Ensuring timely and accurate preparation, presentation and staffing of letters, notes and files submitted to GM for signature.
  •  Coordinating tasking from the GM.
  •  Coordinating and developing GM presentations.
  •  Monitoring and coordinating GM review and release of all papers and presentations for release to the NSPO Chairperson's Office & Secretariat (CHO).
  •  Maintaining effective liaison between the GM Office and the Head of the NSPO Secretariat.
  •  Acting as the budget manager for those funds allocated to the GM's Office. Maintaining oversight of GM's Office administrative budgets, including those of the Advisory Staff to GM, i.e. GM representation allowance, Office hospitality, Travel and Training Budget.
  •  Approving travel requests on behalf of the GM, as delegated.
  •  Acting as a proactive member of the NSPA Executive Management Board (EMB) and contributing to the strategic and corporate management of the Agency.
  •  Maintaining oversight of EMB level leave requests to ensure continuity of management and leadership coverage while the GM is absent from the Capellen site.
  •  Attending key meetings within the Agency to maintain overview of activities in support of GM.
  •  Coordinating on a regular basis the internal and external communications of the CCO to ensure consistency with GM direction.
  •  Maintaining a close working relationship with the NSC Spokesperson to address all strategic and NSPAwide staff-related matters.
  •  Authorising NATO Travel Orders for EMB members travelling outside of duty nations.
  •  Providing timely advice and insight to GM on control of Agency operations and relations with customer nations.
  •  In accordance with NATO policy, conducting duty travel, as required in support of approved operations and missions, on a case-by-case basis, by traveling to associated theatre/mission locations, especially where NSPA personnel are/will be serving.
  •  Performing other related functions as required in peacetime and any other appropriate functions assigned in times of crisis or war.
  •  In the event of crisis or war the incumbent will, subject to the agreement of his/her national authorities, remain in the service of the Agency. 

Specific Responsibilities 

  • Performing investigations as directed by the GM.
  • Calling meetings of the GM's Office, chairing these in the absence of GM and taking follow-up actions as required.
  •  Receiving and screening Organisation and Personnel Establishment (O&PE) proposals from Headquarters (HQ) organisational elements of GM's Office staff, and making recommendations to the GM.
  •  Ensuring the implementation of the risk management process and managing the risks raised in the Office in compliance with NSPA prescriptive documents on Risk Management.

General Qualifications

  •  University degree or equivalent professional qualification in engineering, business, management, public administration or other relevant discipline, equivalent to Master's.
  •  Very good knowledge and experience of management principles, practices and methods of control of a sizable organisation.
  •  Knowledge of NSPA operations and their inter-relationship to NATO and other national and international organisations.
  •  Broad experience in a high level executive staff position acquired within a national or international organisation.
  •  Ability to facilitate/present with strong persuasion to secure buy-in and highly effective negotiating skills to achieve desired outcomes including business growth.
  •  Ability to interpret and implement policy in a large international organisation.
  •  Ability to multi-task, manage time and work effectively under pressure while producing high-quality products under short-notice deadlines.
  •  Ability to develop resourceful and effective solutions to problems (including HR), to set performance goals and expectations, to develop policy and metrics, to measure performance and to engage problems early to mitigate risk and redirect performance.
  •  Knowledge of information systems at end-user level with experience in using personal computers and software packages.


Specific Qualifications

  •  Exemplary diplomacy, tact, discretion and interpersonal relations.
  • Proven success in producing high quality written output, working under pressure to short deadlines, on senior management issues.



  •  NATO’s two official languages are English and French. Both languages are important in the work of this post, therefore fluency in both languages is essential.



  •  Experience in the NATO environment is highly desirable. 



  •  Possessing honesty with a positive "can-do" attitude and spirit of cooperation; ability to develop and lead diverse high-performing teams working together toward strategic objectives in a complex organization. Ability to establish a leadership vision and develop strategic plans to achieve Agency goals and objectives.
  •  Possessing passion and motivation together with highly effective communication skills, to create a spirit of cooperation in order to build complementary interpersonal relationships with internal/external customers and stakeholders.
  •  Possessing emotional intelligence/self-control to remain calm in the face of adversity/conflict; ability to embrace and lead change while remaining flexible/adaptable to emerging requirements.
  •  Ability to foster a Knowledge Management learning culture through the identification, capture and sharing of enterprise intellectual assets.
  • All NSPA personnel are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the current NATO Code of Conduct agreed by the North Atlantic Council (NAC), and thus display the core values of integrity, impartiality, loyalty, accountability, and professionalism.



  •  Travel to or work in locations outside of NATO area by seconded staff will be in accordance with national policy



The Human Resources Executive Office shall let you know in due course the outcome of the screening process.

Moreover, due to the broad interest in NSPA and the large number of potential candidates, telephone or email enquiries cannot be dealt with.

The Agency would appreciate it if addressee countries could provide their support by submitting candidates whose security clearance can be effected (or confirmed) rapidly and who could report for duty as soon as possible after selection.
NSPA as an employer values diverse backgrounds and perspectives and is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce. NSPA welcomes applications of nationals from all Member States and strongly encourages women to apply.

Post Detail

  1. This post will become vacant as of 1 September 2022.
  2. Initial duration of the assignment will be for 3 years. The contract may be renewed, but will not exceed the definite tenure of 9 years.
  3. Duty travel expected, in accordance with NATO policy, in support of approved operations and missions, on a case-by-case basis, by traveling to theatre/mission locations, especially where Agency personnel are/will be serving.


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